Lee Kinsley

Sex and Relationship Therapist Lee Kinsey

With 50 Shades of Grey Opening this Valentines Weekend we thought it would be interesting to have Sex Therapist Lee Kinsey join us again to discuss the BDSM Lifestyle.

Lee Kinsey is a doctoral candidatesteel-bondage-bdsm-bondage-hand-cuffs-ball-gag-collar-black-and-white-slave-collar-erotica-fetish-gag from the University of North Texas and a psychotherapist in private practice in Dallas, TX. He specializes in sex therapy and relationship counseling. He is an evocative speaker and writer on the topics of sexuality and relationships. He has given over a hundred lectures and workshops and written scores of articles on these topics. His research at the University of North Texas focuses on sexual development, sex therapy, and relationships.


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