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April 1, 2014

Carly CapraJoin us as we sit and chat with Local Indie Actress Carly Capra. She is a native Texan. She started training as a model when she was 5 and won the American Modeling Competition in 1992. Over the last 5 years she has made quite a name for herself in the indie film industry.

In 2009, Carly started pursuing her acting career. In 2011 she won trophy for Best Actress for her role as Dr. Elizabeth Craig in Psycho Killer Bloodbath.   Also nominated for best supporting actress at the 2012 Macabre Film Festival in New York, which she lost to the great Jennifer Lawrence.   She has been cast as an extra in multiple TV show such as Dallas, Chase, Texas Women and Ma’s Roadhouse; music videos for Brand New Machine and The Fixx; as well as 8 other indie movies: Naked Horror, That’s the Way the Fortune Cookie Crumbles, Degenerates, Prey for Me, Circus of the Dead, Soulcatcher, Allegiance of Powers, and Days Gone By.


Check out more of her work at:


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The Smack Talk Crew would like to Welcome Darren to the Team.  He’s job is to keep the Smack Talk Crew in line and on schedule…LOL  Smack Talk Producer Darren HenryI hope he is up for the challenge.

He seems to be handling himself pretty well so far but he’s only just begun…LOL

Topic for next Tuesday night. qualities in the opposite sex? examples, how they dress,look,act,treat each other, is it still okay for a man to open the door for ladies? being polite how important is that and being polite to strangers? At what age should you start teaching these skills to your kids and should it be taught in school? should your kids start practicing this out in public at an early age?